I am currently a Post-doctoral researcher at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and my research is focused on understanding the mechanics and dynamics of the Earth system at a regional scale, in particular the structure and evolution of the lithosphere and the underlying mantle beneath areas which present unique geophysical interest. I am interested in understanding how the present mechanical, thermal and chemical structure of the Earth has been formed and modified by the past dynamics processes, and in imaging the Earth’s interior at a new level of details with the final goal of contributing to solving the fundamental riddles of plate tectonics and lithospheric dynamics. At present the main targets of my research are the areas comprised be-tween Ireland, the Irish Sea and Britain, as well as the Tristan da Cunha and the Cape Verde hotspots in the Atlantic Ocean.


I am also involved since 2015 in the deployment, organization, and data collection for the 20 stations of the Ireland Array Seismic Network. I enjoy the local logistics, the set-up and management of the archived data collected from the stations, and in general the field. I took part in a campaign for the deployment of 30 seismometers to monitor the aftershock sequences of the Central-Apennine Eartquake 2016; I was involved in the deployment/set-up of the stations and the local logistics.


In 2018 I also took part in a three week long campaign on board of the Celtic Explorer Vessel for deployment of 18 broadband, ocean-bottom Seismometers across the North Atlantic (SEA-SEISproject). During the preparation period and the cruise I acquired competences regarding the instrumentation and I was primarily involved in the planning, organization, set-up and management of the network. During the deployment I was part of a team responsible for producing outreach material and adequate documentation of the campaign. I was also responsible for setting up the proper tools for the production of targeted multimedia content, as well as the logistics.

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I was previously a MSc student of Exploration and Applied Geophysics at University of Pisa; I graduated with a thesis on “Development of genetic algorithms in C - Applications to full waveform inversion” with Prof. Alfredo Mazzotti. My BSc was carried out at the faculty of Physics at University of Pisa. The thesis was developed in a geophysical laboratory on “Characterization of a gravimetric gradiometer, test measurements of the mechanics” with Prof. Nicolò Beverini. In between the MSc and the BSc I worked for a period of time as software engineer, in which I enjoyed strengthening my computing/ programming skills in information theory, data structures and algorithms in various languages and various environment (Unix/Linux , IBM mainframe, Windows).


I am familiar with computing and programming since it was always filling a big portion of my interests when I was younger, was transformed then to a powerful tool for developing the physical concepts and testing the various experiments during my university studies, and it finally became a fundamental instrument for the development of all the new ideas for my research. In addition to this, part of my work is dedicated to education and out-reach, as I always wished to raise interest and make aware as many people as possible of the concepts of my research, why it is important, how it relates to every day life. Knowing how difficult this task is I have often tried to develop strategies to catch the interest of the different people involved, may it be children, general public, bachelor students, or even the most geophysical educated community. I enjoy using powerful graphic tools to produce multimedia content which can catch the attention of the public and explain what our research is about in a more immediate way, if not the only one at all. For a similar purpose I am administrating this personal website which has, over some other finalities, the goal of sharing my research with a broad audience; I have also contributed during the years to some other websites for outreach/education/communication (e.g.,,

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“No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity.

But I know none, and therefore am no beast.”

― William Shakespeare, Richard III

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I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies carrying out research in seismology.

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